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The pictures used throughout the Craftsmen Building Website represent our workmanship

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                          Unique Ceilings and Walls
                               We can design the specific style, finish or compilation of ceilings or walls and make each room special

Triple layered ceiling                           Pine Plank ceiling with                                Stone wall with center cedar                          Reverse board and batten
with painted designs                           painted beams                                           beam on cathedral ceiling                           wall with cedar on cedar

                                                     Back Yard Sports Complexes
                        Designers available for Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling and handball sports, just to name a few.

Your baseball field to go with                      Your golf course to go with                                Gazebo to go with your                               Basketball court can also
your batting cage and virtual                      your putting green and                                     swimming pool and hot tub                         become a tennis court & more
Baseball Theatre                                       Virtual Golf Theatre

                                                     Water Recreation Areas
        Create your own water Wonderlands and Recreation areas with swimming pools and or ponds which might have stone waterfalls,    
        fountains, bridges, hot tubs, saunas, special wall/edging/sides/landscaping, etc. We can build your moat with draw bridge, indoor or   
        outdoor pool or half and half or one of each with its own current or waves. A stream that flows through or around your home.

                                           Secret Rooms/ Disguised Entrances
      Want a place to hide away or hide your valuables. Secret rooms, disguised doors, we can design a door to match your home decor.
                                    Including moving panels, book cases, walls, etc. We can also create a sound proof room.

                 Home Theatres/Media rooms/ Recreation
                          Innovative home theatre and simulator systems featuring the latest technology

Play sports inside with a 18 hole golf simulator, personal bowling alley, handball court, tennis, baseball, pool, darts, air hockey,fishing and more


                                             Motorized Entrance Gates, Brick/Stone entrances, wood/vinyl custom Fencing


Room Additions and Interior Remodeling
                                           Here are a few of the many remodeling projects we have done


                  Exterior Designs
                                        We do Additions, Garages, Porches, Decks, Gazebos, Decorative Concrete and More.

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